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Symantec Endpoint Protection 14

The rise of high-level targeted attacks and threats ultimately requires class protection and mental security. Symantec Final Protection offers unsurpassed security, rigorous performance and good management in both physical and natural environments. Project IGI fast dl download Using a vast network of civilian threats, Symantec can detect and threaten files that threaten zero days without slowing down performance. Symantec End Final Protection provides the security you need with one of the strongest agents for the fastest and most effective protection.

Main characteristics:

Unsurpassed security – allow targeted attacks with a high level of threat and coverage to the end

– Network threat protection analyzes incoming data streams and prevents threats

– Cognitive attribute analysis separates vulnerable files from protected ones for more accurate fast recognition

– SONAR behavioral analysis tracks consumer behavior in real time and eliminates targeted attacks and zero-day threats

– Strong antivirus, antispyware software and firewall

Strict productivity – Improving dynamic productivity in the physical and environmental environment

– Awareness technology only requires scanning vulnerable files, which reduces scanning time by up to 70%

– Reduce client size and minimum memory for embedded systems or VDI

– Reduce network load and flexibility to manage network connection and data transfer

Smart management – Integrated management in all body systems and control of detailed policies

– One advanced performance agent and one controller for Windows, Mac, Linux, real machines and embedded systems

– Remote customer support and management for Windows and Mac

– Full control of policy and system installation, use and control of the device and sensitivity to location

Main advantages:

– Low protection to prevent safe advicefrom malware, targeted attacks and high-level threats

– Better protection against threats supported by a large network of civilian intelligence

– Too fast performance does not affect user performance

– Easy to use with one client and control panel on both physical and conventional platforms

– Flexible policy flexibility, depending on users and location..

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