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Respondus Lockdown Browser

Anti-fraud browser LockDown browser or simply LockDown browser is a custom web browser that allows you to encourage cheating when students take online exams. This exciting program, developed by Respondus, does exactly what its name means and locks your browser. It prohibits copying, printing, accessing other programs, and visiting other websites if you have not completed the test. Restrictions appear until you provide answers to the solution. This browser is designed to undo all attempts at digital fraud when your exams have to be taken online. First, your window will appear in full screen and won’t be able to dim until you’re done, forcing you to focus only on the test. It also removes the browser menu and toolbar options other than Back, Forward, Refresh, and Pause. Copying and pasting will be turned off immediately. Even the right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts, and toggle function are (function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); However, these are not the only features that are not available while the browser is running. It can also block more sophisticated scams, such as virtual machines, remote desktop software, screen sharing, screenshots, screen savers, instant messaging programs, timers or alerts, and browser storage. In addition, web-based assessment sessions created for use with this browser cannot be opened to other browsers, alerting almost anyone who accesses less secure school tests. Another great feature is that it integrates seamlessly with software such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai and Schoology. It is a recommended third-party tool for adapting a learning management system (LMS) as it helps reduce paper waste and slow down the processing of grades and outcomes. Students can download it to their computer via a link provided by the school if they are allowed to take the tests at home. However, it does not intend to replace your school’s default web browser because it does not have all the features that are greatest; A free two-month trial is available in the browser. Its prices offer annual licenses that offer unlimited use and 200 free Respondus monitors. This program works in conjunction with the LockDown browser. It is also a fully automated web publisher that adds a webcam feature. It is perfect for home exams that can be taken at any time. Students need to set up their webcam for this, but it works like any webcam program and automatically shuts down if it is always reliable. Totally, the Respondus LockDown browser is a useful tool for schools, whether it’s big tests or online grades. However, there are some issues, such as platform incompatibility, using a browser on a computer and tablet, and the user interface can seem boring and unexpected. With Respondus Monitor, the entire organization can also seem like an attack on privacy due to the need to monitor the environment using a webcam.

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