MF Insta is a free investment app from Shukul Wealth Creator LLP, that allows you to manage your funds and make investment fast, safe and secure. All you need to do is download the App, log in using your MF Insta account details or simply open an MF Insta account right there following a few simple steps. Designed and built for the smooth user-experience, MF Insta app is a powerful package to make your investing lives easy.

Check your earning and investment status at any time, from anywhere. Everything now is as easy as ABC. The MF Insta App will allow you to manage your accounts right from your phones. You can buy and withdraw units while keeping a real-time track on the transactions as well as the history. Be it dashboard, payout details, company profile or your account updation, check everything on the go. Added to that you can directly register more users under you and climb up our network-based hierarchy.

Download the app to experience the joy of easy investment & account management, right away!

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