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"कारीगर को काम मिले, शेठजी को सही कारीगर"

Sometimes it happens, Factory Owners need good worker but they can't reach to every worker so that actual worker can't meet him.

Here KAMDO APP publish your requirements so that you can find good worker very easily.

We have noticed that, when the worker goes up many stairs to ask Sheth (Factory Owner) for a new job, if the worker is not needed, Owner laughs at the worker or insults him.

In order to remove this kind of dispute KAMDO App provides actual job providers (Owner).

Here we presents KAMDO application for both of you, Job seekers (Workers) and Job Providers (Factory Owners).KAMDO App is aimed to be strong bridge between worker and owner. Each worker find good job instantly and every factory owner finds worker to run their business continuously. During lockdown many workers lost their jobs many moved back to their village, On other hand after lockdown (Unlock) their was a huge huge problem to run business because of worker shortage.

To fulfill worker demand in indistries and provide worker's a good job , We are here to help you.

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