Join Successful Hands with CHANGE SMS app to be on the top of the financial market every day. CHANGE SMS app covers all needed & useful data in a single window.
- CURRENT RATES : Live & Current rates of precious metals
- MCX RATES : Live MCX quotes
- MCX CHARTS : Track MCX price movements for financial instruments
- LIVE COMMODITIES : Live international rates of all commodities
- LIVE CURRENCY CROSS RATES : All leading currency cross rates as well as INR rates against all currencies
- ALERTS : Major global economic events as it happens
- INDIAN STOCK MARKET : All contracts current rates of F&O script with high - low & open day to day
- WORLD MARKET INDICES - Whole world money market index in a single window
- SUPPORT LEVEL : Pivot point with resistance & support of bullion market every day
- DAILY TRADING CALL : Earn maximum profits in your trades
- ECONOMIC CALENDER : Global economic events with real time data
- LATEST NEWS : Continuous updates of the world latest news.
- FIBONACCI CALCULATOR : Match your number input to its specific number in the Fibonacci sequence


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